Monday, November 23, 2009

A whole new week

Back to the grind - actually no grind, just job hunting with an 8 year old hanging out with me all week - it's Thanksgiving vacation week so no school for the Izlet.

So food wise, my weekend was pretty much OK. Exercise wise, not so much. I didn't do anything. I'm going to psych myself up in a minute and go walk on my treadmill so at least I've done something today.

Right now I'm listening to some music to try and get the blahs to go away. Yesterday I had what can only be described as a complete meltdown, and I'm not exactly proud of myself. At least I didn't eat to make it go away, but I'm not entirely sure that 2 hours of hysterical tears is really any better. Today I'm just concentrating on getting a grip.

Trying to figure out where to take the Izlet when I get the car one day this week. My hubby has organized so that hopefully he can carpool with the guy who usually carpools with him so that I can have the car that works - I'm thinking about a Smithsonian trip and a trip on the Metro - we live so far out in the sticks that a trip on public transport is an organised treat - isn't that terrible?

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