Monday, November 16, 2009

Note to self.

Three cans of diet coke and a cup of coffee when you haven't had caffeine in 5 weeks will keep you up until 2am. Of course, it will also be the day before you're watching the kids from down the street and you have to be up at 6.15.

My plan today didn't include sleep, but I'm exhausted. If I'm still exhausted after I get the kids off to school (another hour yet) and then exercise and go grocery shopping, I'm giving myself permission to go back to bed until school bus time, but the other stuff absolutely has to be done first.

I actually tracked my calories yesterday evening, just to see what my "super high" day was. I then figured out my Weight Watchers points, just for kicks, to see how my day is measuring up to when I was doing WW. Yesterday I ate the equivalent of my daily points plus half the flex allowance - much better than I thought since I actually ate more yesterday than I have on Sundays past. I figured that on a usual day I'm eating slightly less then what would be my points allowance on WW, so it actually adds up to the same thing, except I'm not doing that thing at the end of the day where I run around looking for things to "make up" points like I did when I was on WW. That was definately something that wasn't good for me - I found myself eating less and less at meals just so that I could justify eating stuff that quite frankly, triggered binges. You can guess how well that worked. WW was great until I lost control and justified things that I really shouldn't have justified. It definately works, it's just not for me this time (besides being unemployed and totally unable to afford it).

Oh, and after Saturday's scale woes, I weighed myself this morning after yesterday's couch potato fest and I'm actually down another pound. Go figure. Hopefully it stays away until next Saturday, and if it could take some of it's buddies with it, that would be good to.

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