Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Sunday!

I'll let you into a little secret of mine. I take Sundays off.

Well, not really off, but Sunday is the day I allow myself more calories and don't even intend to do the slightest bit of exercise - especially during football season. I find that if I really start wanting something unreasonable during the week, I tell myself I can wait until Sunday. Nine times out of ten, I forget that I ever wanted it. If, by Sunday I'm still desperate for it, I go ahead and have some. In a planned way. Like today I'm having pancakes for breakfast, because I've been desperate for them all week. Last week I had a croissant from the local bakery, because I swear they're the most awesome food ever invented.

I figure that I can't tell myself no to stuff like that for the two years (at least) that I'm going to be doing this. I can't make it a "bad" thing, but I can wait and see if it's something I just want right that very minute, or it's something I can wait for - and really really savor once I get, and that's what Sundays are for. No bingeing, all planned, but just a little bit of planned decadence. And football, because I really can't live without holding the couch down all afternoon and yelling for my Ravens.

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