Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A quickie this morning...

Since I'm off to the zoo with the Izlet today - I figure that way I'll definately get some walking in. I feel bad because the weather's been crappy and we've been cooped up at home with nowhere to go (except a fun outing to get a flu shot - poor kid).

Last night I found a coupon in her school fund raiser book for a free entry to the zoo with an adult. I looked up the cost for an adult and found that they do reduced entry on weekdays - so much so that it's actually cheaper than going anywhere else in Baltimore and just paying for parking, and much less stress than heading anywhere in DC - my hubby reminded me last night that since it's a travel day I probably don't want to go near the Washington Beltway, or I-95. So we're headed there - with a plan, I might add. I'm packing us both a healthy lunch - that way we don't have to pay $10 for a plate of chicken fingers that I'd have to spend a massive amount of calories eating anyway.

So that's the plan. A walk, some animals and a picnic lunch.

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