Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another day, another issue...

I got the message for sure last night that 90% or this losing weight thing is in my head.

At some point yesterday afternoon I began to get really depressed about doing this. Was it because I went over on calories? No. Was it because I didn't exercise? No. Water? Got enough of that. I was totally and completely sticking to my plan yesterday when the big monster jumped into my living room and whispered in my ear.

Wanna know what he whispered? He said "you can't do it". That's it. Four little words that occurred to me at about 3pm yesterday and made me mopey and miserable all night, and if I'm being totally honest, I'm still a bit mopey this morning, even though the little monster sisn't make me eat more.

I've done nothing to deserve this feeling of failure, so why am I getting it? What kind of sick brain do I have that tells me I'm failing when I'm doing perfectly fine? Although I will admit, past evidence is all on the side of the sick brain.

So this morning I got up determined not to listen to the negative self talk. I'm going to exercise, and then chaperone my daughter's school on a walking field trip to the local grocery store (because she's obviously never been there before). I was going to skip exercising because there'll be enough exercise doing the field trip, but I figure I can do both and be extra good. I've planned my food for the day, and the little bad thought monster can just bite me!

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kaitlin said...

This is exactly what my most recent blog post is on, and what we discussed in my Depression class this week! Come over and check it out, and let me know what you think. =)