Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

So here's the first test! And so far I'm doing well - I'm having a super low cal day to save up for the evening meal at my in-law's house. I've made a list and plan on sticking to it for dinner, including the mac and cheese - it's a staple at my mother in law's dinners because it's so yummy, and I should be able to squeeze in a small piece of pumpkin pie and stay under 1600 calories for the day.

So that's the plan - I'll let you know tomorrow how it went, after I get back form the emergency room (hopefully just kidding). I'm going to Wal Mart for Black Friday for the very first time tomorrow, and I should be able to finish my Christmas shopping there and stay within budget if I'm lucky. I'm a little bit nervous though - I hear it can be a bit of a mad house, and being up at 3am really doesn't sound fabulous.

But I'm thankful this season. I'm thankful that we're still, by the skin of our teeth, in OK financial shape after the bashing that was the past year. Losing my job and then hubby being hit by a car was a major stress, but we're still here, and still fighting. I'm thankful for a daughter who has understood "we can't afford that" for the past year and hasn't complained once. I'm thankful that we still have a roof over our head, and I'm thankful that the financial stress hasn't seemed to put stress on our marriage, in fact, apart from the occasional heated exchange, we're probably closer than we were before.

So, it's been a tough year, but it hasn't been a bad year. There's a difference, and I'm thankful for that.


kaitlin said...

Hey I'm going to Walmart for the first time for Black Friday too!!! I am going to get the Star Trek DVD, or at least that is my plan. And then I will take a nap, haha. You are showing up at 3? I was going to go for 4, but maybe I should go earlier? Good thing I will have my ipod to keep me awake, hahaha. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Izzybee said...

Well, I'm going with my sister-in-law, so I have some awesome company, and she's done this before. I'm also going to try and snag the trampoline special offer they have, so I want to be there a little early, since I'm sure I'm not the only one trying to get it (yes, I'm actually giong to put a dent in my perfect credit card balance tomorrow!). Good luck! You've probably got a lot better chance at the Star Trek DVD than I do at the trampoline - probably a good thing, since if I don't get it, I won't have credit card debt!