Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HYC Check in Tuesday!

Today, I am much less stressed than I was yesterday. I'm really enjoying the HYC because it gives me a spot to sit back mid week and be proud of how far I've come, and plan for the future.

So - the good things:

- Losing 3.5lbs this week! I'm still amazed that it happened, but I'm also glad, because I know that I did deserve to lose some weight, and it happened. This whole thing where my body actually cooperates is new to me.

- I've been really good about my calorie counting - even those few times where I did find myself mindlessly shoving something into my mouth ("how did that cracker get there?") I've written it down and counted it.

- I've managed to do this for 8 weeks now! In a row, with no screwing up! OK, I'm not exactly following the strictest set of rules (calorie budget and exercise) but hey - it's working so far!

And now for the things I still have to work on:

- Exercise. I got next to no exercise this weekend and didn't actually do any yesterday. Actually I didn't get to do any yesterday because I heard about a free H1N1 Shot clinic for the Izlet, and that sort of took precedence over everything else. We got there, and she got the first of her two shots - yay! Every other clinic in our county had been cancelled until yesterday. But no excuses for the exercise today.

- As ever - eat more veggies! Why can't I just do this?

- I've got to learn to control my emotions without food. Even though I didn't use food to help me feel better on Sunday, I really need to learn to control the emotions.

So anyway - that's my week. Here's hoping everyone has an awesome thanksgiving, whether that means having an ultra lean meal or a wonderful time with their family and friends. Or, you know, both.

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Chibi said...

Congrats on the 3.5! :)

I hear you on the weekend exercise. The Man-Thing asked me if I wanted to go for a walk on Sunday (which he hardly EVER does on the weekend), and I put him off because I had "too much to do" (even though I've made a point of telling him there's no reason we can't squeeze in 30 minutes for a walk). Yeah, guess who never found the time to walk? *shakes head*

I *really* need to work on making it a priority on the weekends, too, instead of just focusing on week days.