Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm so proud of myself!

I stuck to my plan last night, had an awesome, splurgy meal, and still kept to under 1750 calories for the day - more than I'm usually eating, but still under my max - yay!

Last night something else happened. Actually, two things. My wonderful sister in law, who is an absolute angel, told me that my face looked thinner, and my hasband told me that he's never seen me so comitted and, well, OK with the whole weight/ weight loss thing.

So all in all a happy night. And since I went grocrey shopping for the whole week yesterday, I've got meals planned for the whole week too. That means I'm in control, and I think the key to this is keeping a tight rein on myself, until I can be trusted (which who knows, may be never). I'm finding as long as I plan appropriately, I'm actually doing OK.

So here's to another week of doing OK!

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Continuous Changes said...

GOOD JOB!! It takes a lot to stay committed to losing weight, because fast food is easier. Good job on sticking to it :)