Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weigh in day!

And I'm down another pound - with no idea how I managed it. As I said yesterday, my eating was in line, but my exercise was way off. Maybe next week I can make it even better, if I get up off my butt and get back to doing proper exercise. I can now go look at the discount turkeys in the grocery store and pick out a turkey that weighs what I've lost, and see if I can cram it into my freezer. We always do a traditional English christmas dinner while my parents are over, so that will do to feed us next month.

Good news today though - at 1pm I'll be officially done standing around boxes of Girl Scout cookies for the year. The temptation will be over - and I've budgetted two thin mints into my day to celebrate. Actually, I'm really pleased with how the Izlet has done her first ever year selling girl scout cookies. She's ususally painfully shy, and she really stepped up and became outgoing when she decided that she wanted to sell lots of cookies for her troop - I guess the lure of cool activites outweighs the shy. It's nice to see that she can do it.

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