Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love when I'm wrong...

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Yup - that's right! I actually lost 3.5 pounds last week. I'm now 16.5 pounds down from my starting weight, and I'm thrilled! I guess my body did finally give up those pounds this week that I felt I should have lost last week.

And in honor of my really awesome week, I'm going to announce my super-secret end of year goal. *Drum Roll* - I want to get to the 260's by the end of December. That's 6 lbs over the next nearly 6 weeks, so it's definitely something to aim for, but not too much.

In other news, I have a date with my husband tonight. He wants to go to Chili's, and since it's always been one of my favorite chain restaurants (and they have a super cheap menu deal going), I said yes. And then I looked up the nutrition info on their site. Did you know my favorite entree (honey chipotle chicken crispers) is nearly 2000 calories? That's not counting the southwestern egg rolls for an appetizer and any sticky, sugary mixed drinks - no wonder I'm huge! I've decided to go for a compromise tonight. I can't stand "diet" entrees in restaurants and we eat out so rarely anymore that I'm going to have another entree that I still love, but that's only about 1200 calories. No alcohol and only a bite of appetizer (with no dressing!) and I should get away pretty much bruised but OK. I'm actually amazed that I looked up the nutrition information, and that I've chosen a compromise rather than deciding that I'll just go for it and live with the consequences. Is this me actually changing? If so, I love it.

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SlenderSwan2B said...

Have fun with your Hubby!!! I know I tend to give in when out to eat so be strong for me!! :)