Sunday, December 27, 2009

11 days?

Really? Since I last blogged? How time flies when you're having fun. I've been, umm, less diet oriented the last few days, but not making horrible choices either. I wouldn't be surprised if I hadn't put on a few pounds though.

Right now, the plan is this: Next Saturday I'll weigh in. Then I'm back on the wagon big time, and I'll accept whatever weight gain I have and deal with it. Until then, I'm just doing my own thing, having a little of what I enjoy here and there. No weighing, no guilt. I've got the opportunity to enjoy my extended family and the food that we all count as special at this time of year, and I'm going to enjoy it all, in moderation.

I had an awesome Christmas - my daughter had a blast, and I had a blast watching her. Really, that's the funnest part of Christmas for me. I'm not particularly religious (and if I was I'd probably lean more towards pagan than Christian) but I do enjoy a special time of year when I get to see my family and live it up during the darkest days.

So there it is - a quick update. It's hard to get on the computer while there are so many people around, so updates will be a bit sporadic, but I'm reading a ton of other blogs and keeping my goals at least in my sightline.

I've also been able to give some thought to a New Years resolution. I don't usually bother, but this one I think is key. More about that next time I get a few minutes to write.

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Mama Bear June said...

I think many of us took a small blogging break this past month! :-) I usually don't make specific New Year's resolutions. Every day my goal is to make healthy choices. I do hope that 2010 is the year I'll reach my goal weight!
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