Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HYC Update...

And even this is a day late...

And I'm typing it in stages. Busy has not been the word for the last week, I have not stopped since last Thursday. My paretns are here and I'm doing OK, food wise. I've fallen into a fairly good routine and managed to lose another pound last week. That's pretty good since I usually abandon all pretense of good eating habits when my parents get here and bring all kinds of goodies, so I'm considering that a voctory. The goodies are still in the cupboard, ready to be tasted at Christmas. The hardest thing with this arrangement is remembering that Christmas does not last a month, just because my family is here.

The other good thing I've leanred this week? I've learned that even out of my usual routine, I can still stick to my plan, just a bit more a rough version that previously. Usually I'm someone for whom a routine is essential. This last week I've actually been flexible.

Things to work on this week? Exercise. I need more of it. I'm pretty active at the moment but I could use some formal exercise. Other than that? I'm actually doing well. For a crazy month, that is!

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Chibi said...

"I've learned that even out of my usual routine, I can still stick to my plan..."

That's awesome! Definitely a lesson I need to learn - when my routine is out of whack for whatever reason, I go right off the rails.