Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm back!

Back with a vengeance. Apparently all I needed to do was spend a day miserable because I binged. Hopefully next time I start flagging I can skip the feeling lousy and sick part and just re energise.

Yesterday was a perfect food, water and exercise day. I'm going to plan on repeating it today, and I'm actually excited about repeating it today - earlier this week I just was not feeling it, but now I seem to be back in the stride of things.

I really have no desire to repeat Tuesday's suckiness, eating wise. I ate so much junk at lunch that day that I didn't have any calories over for dinner. I ended up eating some cheddar crackers and a handful of shrimp for dinner. It was miserable. But, I have to say, my hubby was right there for me. When he got home from work I confessed what I had done (not too difficult to do since half the leftover pizza in the fridge was missing). He looked at me and asked me why I had felt the need to do that. I cataloged my generally crappy day, and after that he asked me if eating like that at lunch had made me feel better. That was the point I burst into tears (I'm such a wuss) and admitted that it had actually made things worse. He immediately helped me restructure dinner so that he and the Izlet had something to eat and I could pick at something low cal, and reminded me that I couldn't "take the rest of the night off" because I screwed up.

I also have to admit that if he had done that to me in the past I'd have killed him. Or at least cried a lot. But this is what I've asked him to do, and he's being my biggest cheerleader. Even though he weighs 155 on a heavy day. We look like the number 10 when we stand next to each other. When we met I could wear his jeans. He's been with me for 13 years and stuck with me throughout. He's awesome.

So heres to back on track. Oh, and cleaning. I have a ton of laundry to do today, and a guest room to sort out since my parents arrive next Thursday. Eek!

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