Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HYC Check in Tuesday!

And one very important update - as of yesterday (and two seperate trips over to the college because their online registration was down), I am a full time student! I'm so excited! Classes start next monday, so I'll actually be busy and not be sitting at home dwelling on my life (or lack of it).

And now on to the less exciting HYC stuff.

I lost two pounds last week. I'd be excited about that but I know that I totally didn't deserve it. My eating hasn't been in control for a lot of time lately and I just didn't seem to find time for any exercise other than pacing back and forth stressing about stuff. It's time to start over.

So, my aims for the next week?

1) Control my food intake!
2) Get some exercise - anything!
3) Figure out some lunch ideas. The college has a cafeteria with a fairly wide menu, but I'm thinking I've probably spent enough money at the bookstore already that I need to pack lunches. I might even start eating a bigger breakfast (since I have more time in the mornings) and a small lunch and a snack for the ride home.
4) Blog every day. I know I'm boring as hack at the moment, but blogging helps me stay on track. And I promise it'll get more interesting.

OK - four easy things, right?

So today:

I've eaten well. My food is planned, and so far I've stuck to it.
I've walked for 45 minutes.
I've considered the fact that I'm going to need to figure lunch out at least two days a week for the foreseeable future.
I'm here and blogging.
So yay! So far so good. Six more days to go.


Allie said...

Congrats on a great start to the week. I love the idea of setting weekly goals. Keeps it fresh. Enjoy being a student - it can be pretty fun!

Chibi said...

Congratulations! How exciting! :) So, what classes are you taking first?

And congrats on the loss, too!

Izzybee said...

I have Anthropology 101, Sociology 101, Spanish 101 (should be fun!) and Western Civilization.

Luckily I've got 15 general education credits hanging around from when I went part time a few years ago, and even luckier they're all useful.

I'm going to be the oldest (31), happest person in class!