Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back on track... hopefully

OK so yesterday was a food disaster. I planned out what I'd eat carefully, and then totally disregarded my plan - but yesterday is gone and there nothing I can do about it. I'm back with a new plan this morning, and since I'm feeling better I'm much more likely to stay on track.

Life wise, yesterday was pretty much blah. I got a few things done - things I could do while I stayed home, and then I just sort of flopped on the couch and did nothing. I've got to go out today though,hubby has a viewing to attend tonight and I need to find him some pants that actually fit. Oh, and I need to go grocery shopping. I'm going to try and find some hot options for lunch - I think if I prepare a hot lunch I might have a better time staying on track through the afternoon, especially while it's so cold out. I'm going to check out the Progresso soups - I'm not a huge soup fan but maybe I could work on changing that if I can find a few varieties that look good (and have a low calorie count). It also might help me up my veggie intake, because since my mother left my veggie intake has dropped dramatically again. Thats' a habit I really need to work on.

So that's the plan. Now lets see if I can stick with it.


Chibi said...

A) It was ONE DAY, and B) you were SICK: cut yourself a tiny bit of slack, okay? ;)

Are you a leftover person? Would that be a hot lunch option? We cook 4-serving meals so we both have a hot lunch the next day; I generally take a smaller portion for lunch because I "supplement" with fruit & veggies, but it certainly gets rid of daily sandwiches.

Hope you're feeling better! :)

Izzybee said...

That's actually a really good thought - I might actually start making more and setting some aside. If it gets put on the table, it usually goes - that's what I get for having a husband with an insanely physical job. He can eat a gazillion calories and never gains a pound. It's just taken me twelve years to figure out that I can't.