Saturday, January 30, 2010

Double ouch...

I gained a pound this week. I'm pretty much figuring this is one of the several I should have gained last week when I screwed up, since my body has been known to do screwy things like that. I'm taking it as the slap in the face I need to really keep at it. It's also nowhere near as bad as I deserve for how things have been lately - it's way too soon to start seeing results from my new routine from HYC on Tuesday.

I'll be spending my afternoon running around with a bunch of little ones, since we have a Brownie outing today. It should keep my mind off food, although I think I'm going to need to budget some calories for alcohol when I'm done. We've got another one coming up on Thursday, too - the kids sold the most cookies out of any troop in the county so they're all getting free tickets to Disney on Ice on Thursday. It's going to be a blast - busy, crazy, but a blast - definately something I'm looking forward to, since the kids are so excited about it. Add a brownie meeting in on Monday and I've got my hands full for the week - college and small children are going to make me incredibly tired by Friday.

I'm also going to have to figure out some time for exercise this week. I'm guessing I can find somewhere to take a walk in the general area of the college, so I might just wear comfy shoes and do that on Monday and Wednesday - at least I'll be moving. If I can't find anywhere to walk I'll be breaking out the Wii Fit between school and Brownies.

So that's that. A Gain, but I'll get over it. I know that if I stick to my HYC plan I'll see results at some point.


kaitlin said...

Hang in there. It could be much worse than a 1 pound gain. I had like 6 weeks of gains or staying the same, and eventually broke through. Just keep going, and you will get there. I think walking at your college is a great idea!

highway200to160 said...

It'll be okay! Everyone gains, and everyone loses. Just keep sticking to your plan. I have gone a full month now, staying the exact same weight. It sucks, and it really put my goals on hold, but I just have to remember to keep working a lot harder. The results will come, you just have to keep up the good work, and not get down when the scale goes up. I think that put me in a funk when mine did, and it put my health on halt.

I hope you have a great week :)