Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Not at the eating thing - I had a perfect day yesterday, and today is one of my easy long days at school.

The think I'm irritated about is a personal thing - you know how some people just take advantage of you, even after you've said no more than once? That's what I'm dealing with this morning. This is the one person in my life that has made me learn to stand up and say no when I need to (Iz's friends mom) and now she's just not even taking that for an answer anymore. So now I've rearranged my morning to suit her needs - I'm pretty pissed.

But I have a plan! I'm not going to get upset and eat because of it! At least, that's the plan - I'll let you know tomorrow what happens.


MargieAnne said...

I do hope you get through your day well. This annoyance is not worth losing your own focus over. Good on you for making a stand previously and each time this happens, whatever the result you are growing stronger. The aggravating aspect of this Mum's personality is really doing you a favour. Think of it like moving up an extra weight when weight training.


Chibi said...

Ah, yes: the takers. Gotta love 'em (not). Hope your day went well for you. :)